Welcome to a site of our projects analyzing the portrayals of psychological disorders in films.

Who are we? Twelve students at Pace University Pleasantville who enrolled in a learning community. The linked courses were PSY 320 Exploring the Abnormal and ENG 201 Writing in the Disciplines.

In the psychology course, we learned about a variety of disorders and their causes, symptoms, and effects.

In the writing course, we each chose a particular disorder to focus on. We researched that disorder and produced a literature review, and then we analyzed a movie portraying the disorder to see how closely it matched the literature review in a full researched argument.

Once we completed the extensive researched argument about the movie, we translated our research into a research poster.

That’s what we have featured here—quick synopses of our research and our findings. We hope you find it informative and interesting.¬†Mental health matters, and educating ourselves is important for¬†better understanding of mental health issues.

Glad to have you here educating yourself as well!